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C’est Cécile !


French has always been a passion. From Literature, to food through Ianguage, culture, grammar or cinema, I always been fond of it!

Hence, I absolutely love sharing my knowledge of French language and culture, either to young French speakers following French curriculum whilst living in Bristol, bilingual persons wishing to keep-up with their French background, to teenagers preparing for their GCSE and A-levels or to adults wanted to learn French for personal or professional purposes.

My priority is my student. I put their needs and expectations at the centre of my tea- ching in order to meet them.

Therefore, I carefully organise the lessons aiming to meet the students goals and taking into consideration their initial level and specificities. Everything is put into place to improve my students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening.

I strongly believe in the importance of being taught by a native speaker who also is a qualified teacher when it comes to learning language.

In addition, I have high expectations and believe that every student should be able to fulfil their own potential to be happy and confident learners.

Highly qualified

After a Masters degree in Teaching French Literature and Language which is designed to teach French to native speakers and to get the students fully ready for the Brevet and Bacca- laureate, I was not quite feeling ready for the world of work yet so I decided to carry on studying.

I started a course in Teaching French as Modern Foreign Language which I passed in 2014. Since, I followed a PGCE in order to be able to meet the requirements for examinations such as GCSE and A-levels and in order to be skilled within different syllabus and teaching ways.


Since my early 20s I have had various jobs related to education and young people. This is how I got into teaching! Giving private tuitions in French, become my favorite part-time job as a student so I decided to develop it more and more to the point it become my only job.

As a teacher in France I used to teach French Literature and grammar in secondary schools. Once I moved to Bristol I carried on starting teaching non native speakers. I now teach French for the last 8 years in different settings and for a great variety of students which I really love.

I have been lucky enough to follow some of them through most of their learning, from KS3 to A- levels, and from beginners to advances intermediate, and I have got to say that I am feeling so privileged to see their French grow and bloom.

I now want to share my love for the French language and culture by making it accessible to even more people. This is why, I have started to work with other French native that are equally impassioned and trained to deliver tailored-made lessons to students from all levels or ages and to train them so they can achieve their dreams … in French!